Thoughts on Maternity Dressing


Find yourself using the pregnant emoji lately? Then you may have felt the pain that is maternity dressing. At 6ish months, I feel like I've finally gotten to a system that works for me. Thoughts on what has helped below. 

Make a capsule wardrobe as soon as your regular clothes stop fitting. For me, this meant moving all of the clothes that I didn't anticipate wearing in the next 9 months into another closet. This really helped my mood and sense of wellbeing in the morning. It feels terrible to sort through clothes that don't fit you to find the few that still do. You'll probably want to repeat the purging every 3 months or so since your size will continue to change. As time went on, I found myself moving more and more out of my normal closet and into our guest room closet. What's left is very minimal (about 25-30 items), which is actually a great feeling. I organized my closet in this order (front to back): dresses, toppers (blazers, vests, kimonos, etc.), pants, shirts. Once I'd made space, it was really easy to figure out what I needed to buy. 

Filling the void - shop online at a "save" level. My advice is to first place orders at the cheaper places online. Order more than one size and go in knowing that most of it will probably not work. In between months 4 and 5, I placed orders at Target, Old Navy, Asos, Topshop and Loft.  

Verdict on these cheaper places: 

  • Target: hated their maternity workout pants. After Lululemon and Outdoor Voices, I'm spoiled. These non-maternity workout pants ended up being my favorite. I did find and keep some white Liz Lange jeans. Returned everything else.
  • Asos: returned almost everything. It was all so cheap, very thin and not made for over 30-year-olds, in my opinion. I am only 5'6 but the dress I ended up keeping was a size "tall" -  I appreciated the extra length while pregnant.
  • Old Navy: was surprised at how much I liked what I ordered. Kept almost everything (all basics). 
  • Topshop: found a few pieces that were worth keeping, the rest were too cheap and trendy.
  • Loft: the best of this bunch for pieces a bit above basic but still versatile and easy to care for. I know Loft isn't as cheap as the other ones, but they have constant sales and maternity is only available online (at least where I live).

Favorite "save" finds:

Fill in remaining holes at a splurge level. Go try on stuff at A Pea in the Pod. This is basically the only place I've found where you can go try on higher-quality maternity clothing. I only did this once. I went when I was about 5 months in, once I'd weeded through all the cheaper retailers. That way I only filled needs at a higher price point that I knew weren't available elsewhere. I also appreciated the quality difference in the more expensive pieces after trying on all of the cheaper stuff. I signed up for Hatch emails but haven't pulled the trigger on anything yet. I've heard only good things, though.

Favorite "splurge" finds:

Buy spanx made for pregnant people. So many of the dresses sold for pregnant people are made to "show off the bump." This was not exactly my thing until it became impossible to avoid. I am also not one who loves tight clothing in general. What got me more comfortable was buying this shapewear. I originally tried wearing the Spanx I already had, and that was incredibly uncomfortable.

Enjoy the weirdness.  Embrace accessories and "third pieces". I'm still working on this but being pregnant really is cool and amazing. When you feel bored wearing the same stuff over and over again, buy a fun new necklace or jewelry. Or, sign up for Rocksbox. It's like Birchbox but for jewelry (and you send everything back each month unless you want to buy). This has helped me feel like myself. Plus, accessories will always fit. Other pieces that have helped me feel pulled together were my special third pieces - silk trench vest, white Club Monaco jacket, favorite blue blazer, Anthro kimono top. These things have also helped jazz up all the basics I've been wearing.

What about you? Any secret tips? I've love to hear in the comments below! We're in this together ladies.