Kate The Real Girl


It is never a surprise to us when our clients say that they want to dress like Kate Middleton.  While she may be a Princess of the people, she is also the working gal’s muse.  Besides the fact that it is socially acceptable for her to wear an actual crown- her daytime style is relatively attainable to us common folk.  Here are some of our favorite Kate looks from her recent Canadian tour and ideas on how to recreate the look in your life.

Kate the Real Girl

Red Overlay Dress

Red is red hot right now.  Red is Canada’s color (love that Kate dresses in theme!), and she wore a few outfits showcasing the hue.  My favorite is the Alexander McQueen red and white eyelet dress.  This Anthro version hits on the laser cut trend and the color is more beautiful in person than online.

To recreate the look with less commitment, try a lace top like this Loft Mockneck with a bright white tank underneath. I have the grey version of this top and I find myself constantly reaching for it; switching it up by wearing a black, navy or bright white tank under.

Blazer with Skinnies

Its no secret that Kate loves a good blazer.  Paired with skinnies or a crop pant, this is the easiest look to recreate- most of us have all of the goods.  It is interesting to note that Kate wears very little jewelry, if any at all.  This look, like many others is rather “plain” yet still has a polished look to it.  One of our favorite sources for blazers is Veronica Beard, their Bodega version of their classic has slightly puffed sleeves for an appropriate regal look.  J. Crew is always a reliable source for blazers, just note that oftentimes we find clients need tailoring.  Tory Burch gives another option with contrast piping to mix up the straight-laced look.

We love Kate’s tweed and tasseled flats complete her streamlined outfit.  J. Crew carried the original (now sold out- surprise!) but here is a good alternative.  Kate Spade has a jeweled option and my favorite funky pair if you are willing!

Wrap or Tie Sweater

This wrap look is flattering on all body types, and I find the sweater version is more approachable than a full wrap dress.  It is important you find the right material and length to ensure you feel your best.  I am heavier up top, so I wear a long version like this Lou and Grey vest option.  

DVF has a great option in a thinner fabric if you want to really accentuate your waist.  This new Storm line at Nordstrom has a chunkier option in a beautiful cashmere for the cooler days.  This is a great option for a petite frame.

Most Importantly ... Remember to always wear a humble and classic smile, just like Kate. Crown optional.