Look We Love: Tamron Hall


I so enjoy Tamron Hall on the Today Show; she is smart, funny and humble all at the same time.  Always interested in what the Today Show ladies are wearing, I found this article fun to read about the trends and styles of news anchors.  

Tamron’s style is also enviable, to say the least.  One of my favorite looks lately is a Michael Kors stunner she recently wore to an event hosted by the designer.  The complete look is not available yet for the masses, one will have to settle for the skirt alone.




The matching top and skirt trend is a great one to recreate because it looks cool and you get double traction out of each piece. You can wear together or each item on it’s own.  It is also easy to buy, since the pieces come from the same designer.   Here are two options to recreate the look:

Copy of Template - Splurge vs Save.jpg


The "Splurge" option on the left is by Tory Burch.  Tory Burch Top and Tory Burch Skirt (both on sale).  The "Save" option is by Ann Taylor.  Ann Taylor Top and Ann Taylor Skirt.

You will notice the Tory Burch pattern is slightly different between the top and bottom and this is ok.  These pieces are from the same designer in the same season and they are complementary together.  Tamron’s Michael Kors’ look is similar, the pattern of her shirt is slightly different than that of the skirt.  At times, higher end designers may alter the pattern of the material of each piece slightly so it is different, yet still same.