Inspiration in the Morning

True story - sometimes one of my favorite parts of the day is lying in bed thinking about what I’m going to wear that day. I realize that may not be how everyone feels (ha!) so I thought I’d discuss how to get inspiration in the morning!

Scroll through Pinterest.

Other than ours (hint hint - ours is awesome! :) ), here are some of my favorite Pinterest boards:

  • J. Crew - their catalogs are always inspiring for me. Their Pinterest page is equally fun to look at. They have that great undone look that I love. 

  • 9to5Chic - Anh has one of the most consistently business casual styles of any blogger I’ve found. Her looks are always interesting and cool but never over the top.

  • EPStyle - the blogger Extra Petite is based in Boston and really nails big-city corporate dressing. She puts things together in a very feminine and polished way. Extra informative if you’re petite (I’m not. But it’s still super informative!).

  • CorporateFashionista - silly name, but helpful board. It’s a community board, so lots of different people post here. Not everything is great, but enough is that it’s worth checking out. I love the navy-on-navy look below! 

Friends, coworkers and people-watching.

One of the best things about working in an office is seeing how other people dress. When I see how other people mix things into their work wardrobes, it can get the wheels turning for me in how to incorporate similar items I own into future outfits. I also love the fact that I work in downtown Austin because the people watching is the beeeest. When I get stuck on something I'm working on, or just need some fresh air, I take a walk and usually see all kinds of interesting outfit combinations I never would have thought of on my own.

Clean closet = clear mind.

Allow me to sound like a broken record (I know you’ve heard this before), but if your closet is clean (even just somewhat more clean than before) you can see what you already own and come up with better combinations - with much less stress. Plus, purging is fun. Check out our tips and tricks to do the closet shuffle here

From inspiration to real life. 

I took the navy-on-navy Pinterest inspiration from the CorporateFashionista board above, and created my own using real pieces I've tried on and liked. Check it out below!

Still stuck?

Try taking a picture of an outfit you've worn and loved - then refer back to it when you're having one of those days. Look for a blog post coming next week about how to create your “security blanket” outfit (the one you can turn to when everything else is falling short).


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