Your Closet's Security Blanket

We’ve all been there- you’re late to work, you hate everything in your closet and in a matter of 10 minutes you’ve set forth an epic reign of terror on your closet. Only your dog and husband/boyfriend are left standing, sweet innocent bystanders.  

Through the years, I’ve learned to avoid this destructive event by creating a security blanket for myself- an outfit I can rely on in any weak moment.  This is a proactive approach to avoiding a horrible forced outfit and resulting painful day. The key to making it work is the prep and it only takes about 20 minutes.  Pull out the go-to when you’ve overslept, overindulged or simply can’t get it together in the morning.  

To create- start by asking what outfit or items are steady standbys?  You know you can put it on, feel good in an instant and will not worry or fuss about it throughout the day.  Do some soul searching and put together a simple outfit- including jewelry and shoes.  

Source: one, two, three, four, five, six

Source: one, two, three, four, five, six

For me, this is a simple shift dress.  It is not tight and does not pull or pinch in awkward areas.  It highlights an area I want to emphasize (legs) and is forgiving on an area that I do not want to emphasize (mid section), especially after a night of margs and queso. The dress goes with any shoe and can be worn with or without jewelry.  Perfect alone in the summer, and in the fall and winter I pair it with tights and a bulky sweater or fur vest.    

After you find an item or outfit that you can rely on- record the outfit for easy accessibility.  Take a picture of all the pieces (star it in your phone!), write down the items on a post it or store the items all together in your closet where they are easily found.  Even if the outfit is one piece- as mine is- record the item as your in-case-of-emergency go to.  The record itself is the security blanket- knowing it is there automatically relieves stress.

The next morning you reach for your go-to, pat yourself on the back for your proactive efforts.  Remember to refill your supply for your next weak moment.  Your sweet pup and beau will thank you.  

Too much to think about?  We get it.  Contact us and we can help you make your morning routine seamless!