Wear Your Personality on Your Sleeve


Statement sleeves are popping up all over stores lately. At The Loyal Closet, we love to take current trends and find subtle ways to implement them in the office.  This is fun because it brings a bit of current style to your 9-5 and the new items transition well to your personal life.  Below are some of our favorite bell-sleeved tops and some tips on how to wear at the office.



Size.  Ensure the length of the sleeve is not too long and it ends before it goes too far over your hand.  Additionally, if the sleeve is "belled" make sure the bell is not too large.  Too much material can make the look instantly sloppy and also makes it difficult to type!

Subtle Statement.  When incorporating a current trend in the office, go subtle with clean lines, limited print and a tailored polished look.  Avoid pairing the look with lace-up ties, off-the-shoulder or boho print while you are putting in the work hours.

Matchy matchy.  For instant glam, pair with a pencil skirt or skinny legged trousers and simple jewelry.  Let your sleeves do the talking!  

All too much?  Let us help find you the perfect items to implement in your work wardrobe!