TLC Travels: Business Trip Carry On


Taking to the friendly skies for business?  Whether for quick day trip for a few days out of town for meetings, a strategically packed carry-on is a must.  

Business Bag.  I like a bag with some structure and large handles that can fit over your shoulder.  A tote is large enough for everything you need, but also looks business appropriate.


Accoutrements.  Keep a zip pouch of all the absolute must-haves for your trip. These are things you literally need to survive if you just picked up your bag and left.  For me, this includes:

  • Computer charger
  • Phone charger or extra battery
  • My favorite type of pen
  • Chap stick
  • Earbuds
  • Reading glasses
  • Tacos to keep my cords happy and organized
  • Any makeup regular makeup touchups

The things in this bag never come out.  While costly to buy extras, it saves time and stress in that you aren’t constantly packing and unpacking chargers AND you never are stranded without one.

Hotspot.  Gives you (SECURE!) internet wherever cell service is available.

Shoes. Wear flats in the airport and carry your pumps to change into upon destination arrival.



Waterbottle.  Bring empty, refill after security.  Aluminum brands like S’well are lightweight keep water cold for hours.

Emergency Sustenance.  Almond butter packet, granola bar and gum.

Lastly, TSA Precheck.  No unpacking, unloading or removing shoes at security.  Walk straight through to your gate.  Tip- Global Entry gets you Precheck and streamlined entry into the US when traveling abroad.  Both are gamechangers.

Grab your wallet and computer on the way out the door and you are ready.




Anything we missed that are must-haves?  Let us know in the comments below!

Want more?  Look for Business Trip Part Roller-Bag in a few weeks where we make a carry-on roller last for a full week of mostly business and a bit of fun.