Loyal Lovelies: Vests


If you’ve seen me in the last few weeks, you know I am obsessed with my vest purchase from last fall.  See- picture to the left!  

I love this vest because the color is neutral enough to match with just about everything in my closet, the waist cinches up tight, and the warmth fits right in the Dallas weather sweet spot.  The real game changer here are the pockets.  They are straight horizontal and big enough to hold wallet, keys and phones; making purses and needing an extra hand obsolete.  

What's to like? 

Throw this gem on over any outfit to add instant polish to your look.  Vests move well between hot and cold by helping your core stay regulated to whatever temp you are in.  Button up tight while outside and untie when you are indoors.

We've talked about the rule of three in the past and the vest is a perfect third option.  A simple all-black ensemble is amped up with a streamlined vest over it.

How I wear 

Vests are great because you can layer them up heavy with sweaters underneath for cold days or wear them open over a tee shirt during spring temperatures.  I’ve been really liking wearing mine over a button down or a bell sleeve.  

If you are wearing outside in place of a coat, vests eliminate a lot of the bulk of a heavy jacket without compromising warmth.  The thinner vests can be used in place of a suit jacket at the office.

My favorites

It is best to go with a neutral color here as it is easy to wear over patterns, plaids, prints and solids alike.  I also like a tie because it gives the option of leaving it open, loosely tying it in the back or closing all the way up for warmth.  

These options can all be worn in place of an outside coat as well as open and indoors as part of your ensemble.  My version is the first option, from J. Crew (on sale now!)