Wardrobe TLC: Household Items in Your Closet


Everyone is limited on space and time these days.  If you can get two or three different uses out of things you already have in your house, it is a win-win.  If a random household item can save you in a pinch, even better.  Here are a few of my favorite closet hacks with items you already have.


Vinegar.  Vinegar is one of the best natural cleaning agents.  It also does a great job of battling sticky smells and preventing bright whites from turning yellow.  I keep a spray bottle next to my laundry hamper and I routinely spray down workout gear, white shirts and button-downs, and any random culprits or marks that appear on my clothing throughout the day.  Then just wash as normal.



Mr. Clean Magic Erasers.  With sneakers popular right now, there are a lot of white soles that get dirty.  These little scrubbers are the best way to quickly bleach the used soles back to their shiny white luster.  To do:  1- hold one shoe by putting your hand inside of it.  2- magic eraser in the other hand.  3- get the sole a bit wet and then start erasing with the sponge.  Work your way around the shoe until you are back at the start.  Voilà- new shoes!


Hair Straightener.  True story- I haven’t used a clothing iron in months.  The straightener is turned on most every day and can easily pick up the iron’s slack on random little wrinkles, flimsy collars and curled hemlines.  It usually works its magic in a few seconds by holding the straightener closed flat and "dragging" over a wrinkly offender. Exact same as straightening your hair.  This trick works best if the item is left on the hanger during your pseudo ironing sesh. 

Use on durable fabrics like cotton and linen and always use common sense.  Coordinating the straightener and a shirt you are wearing in the mirror is difficult, at best.


What about you?  Any secret household items that save you in a pinch?