Loyal Lovelies: Embroidered Dresses and Tops


One of my very favorite things to wear is an embroidered top or dress. I've been wearing them since college and they still feel current and fun to me. I just can't get sick of them. 

What's to like? 

They work for so.many.occasions. 

They're the ideal "working at a coffee shop" / "going to a birthday party" / "sitting around" thing to throw on. They are easy but still have some personality. I wear one at least once a week. 

How I wear 

In the fall/winter, I love pairing my gray Mi Golondrina with a gray turtleneck and flat booties. I can get away with this because I live in Austin where it's super casual and not at all cold. 

In the spring, I like wearing my embroidered tops with frayed hem jeans, a chunky sandal, and dangly earrings.

In the summer when it's grossly hot, I love an embroidered dress on its own with my Loeffler Randall sandals for dinners out with friends or even over a swimsuit. 

My favorites

Spring is the best time to look for embroidered tops and dresses. There are a ton of options out there right now. Besides Mi Golondrina (duh), here are a few of my other favorites.