Wardrobe TLC: Making the Most of a New Season


Hello! Is it warm where you live yet? It's been warm in Texas for months now but I just recently switched my closet over for the new season. I definitely waited too long to do this because I've been going back and forth between two closets every morning for a few months now (which is just silly). 

Whenever I do the Closet Shuffle, I take it as an opportunity to assess and come up with new outfit combinations. This can be a good way to figure out what needs I want to fill for the new season, but also saves me a ton of time and stress in the morning.


How does that work? Once I have my summer clothes front and center, I usually lay them all on my bed and sort out any that are just making me sad or that I know no longer serve me (either because of a bad fit, style, falling apart, etc.). Once I've got my curated summer collection, I hang everything up in my closet in a way that makes sense to me. Then I start pulling outfit combinations. This can feel like a pain but is always fun once I get going. Pro tip: actually try on all your outfit combinations - otherwise, how will you know? Take pictures on your phone of outfits you love and save to one album that you can flip through.

When should I do this? Don't be like me. Do it as soon as the weather is firmly out of the sweater/coat stage. As far as time of day, for me, mornings are not my most creative and I'm much better at coming up with fun combinations at night when I'm more energized. Either way, pick a time that is best for you. It usually doesn't take me longer than 30 minutes.

Why go through the trouble? The benefit of this exercise for me is that I don't have to use my brain when I first wake up. I can look pulled together and creative (ex: the Rule of Three) without spending too much time and energy in the morning. You'll also find new ways to wear old pieces and get excited about the things you already own

Less time getting ready means I can spend more time on the parts of my morning routine I really enjoy (reading the Skimm, breakfast, hanging out with my puppies). 

Did you know we do this for our clients?

It's true! In lieu of receiving new clothes that month, our subscription clients can opt to have us play in their closets for them. We create digital cards showing new outfits out of your existing clothes. Such a good way to be efficient and conscious of what you already own.