My Adventures with Shirley


If you follow @theloyalcloset on Instagram, you saw that we hosted an event with one of our favorite brands, MM.LaFleur last week in Austin.  I had a meeting scheduled in Houston the morning of the event, so I took it as an opportunity test out things MM is known for- washable, comfort, non-wrinkles.  I wore The Shirley in elderberry, size 12.  Below is my recap:

  • When:  I put this dress on at 5:30 am and took it off around midnight/midnight-thirty.
  • Where: Uber to Love/Love to Hobby/Uber to meeting/lunch meeting/Uber to Hobby/Random meeting with networking contact I ran into at airport/Hobby to Austin/A CAB (WTH?!?) to downtown Austin/MM Event/A burger and marg/ride from friend to Austin airport/Austin to Love/another random networking opp/Uber home.
  • Accessories: Walking shoes, a sweater, business bag with all the goodies, lots of snacks, a simple necklace, my favorite lipstick and my favorite spring pumps (similar, similar).
  • Key takeaway: Always be ready.  And always take sustenance. 
Don't let the hanger fool you- The Shirley after one day of travel, and two on the floor as I recovered.  No dry cleaning.  

Don't let the hanger fool you- The Shirley after one day of travel, and two on the floor as I recovered.  No dry cleaning.  

  • My thoughts on the Shirley:
    • Comfort- 9/10.  I could have done a yoga class in the dress, it was so comfortable.  My only nuisance is that the armholes pinched slightly on the front.  My chest area is big, so this is common for me.  Also it is long enough- so you don't have to worry about bare legs on a seat or plane (ew).
    • Wrinkles- 10/10.  No wrinkles throughout day, NONE.  
    • Extras I loved:  the length, conservative arm hole coverage, slit is reinforced, horizontal and not extremely high, and the material is comfortable for hot and cold rooms.
    • Wash- ?  I haven't washed it and lets be serious, I will probably wear it again (and again) before I do.  I do plan on putting it in the washing machine.
    • Feeling: 10/10.  I felt like I was superior-ly covered in this dress so that I could talk to anyone I encountered, without feeling worried that anything was too exposed or that I needed to fidget with a collar or hemline.  I still have a bit of baby belly love, so I was a little self-conscious there.  I wear this slip which helps.
    • Size- I wore a 12 and I am typically a 10 or 12 in MM.  This dress runs small and fitted.  

Overall- I would (and do!) recommend this dress to clients.  It is the best kind of attire in that you forget you are wearing it.  You put it on, leave and it requires no fuss during the day.  If tummy area is where you would like to cover, try the Emma or the Annie.

Modeling the goods.

Modeling the goods.


{note- MM was so kind as to gift me this dress, but did not ask me to share my opinion, recommend or blog about it in return for the dress.}