How To Style: The Athleisure Trend


Athleisure is everywhere.  And this $44 billion industry is made up of more than just black stretchy pants.  Lulu Lemon and Athletica are the originals, but there are fun new brands and staple brand shoot offs that are popping up everywhere.  Because we love getting double use out of things, let’s make some of our favorites work at the office, shall we?

Outdoor Voices Tank.  Any company whose mantra is #doingthings, is someone we can get on board with.  Choose this vest in a dark color to play up the formality and pair over a long white button-down and a black skirt.  Throw on a long necklace and no one will know the difference.

Tory Burch Dress.  Who doesn’t love sweat wicking capabilities during a super intense meeting?  With a structured collar, this dress plays nicely at the office when paired with block sandals and some serious business earrings.  Go sans ponytail here to minimize the sporty spice look.

Lulu Lemon Jacket.  The white-black-gold combo on this jacket is seriously chic.  Wear over an all black ensemble for a classic cool vibe at the office.  For less formal settings, this is cute with white skinny jeans and a v-neck tee.

The best part of all these things? One less item to pack in your bag if you plan to hit the gym after a long day at the office.  Leave us a note if you'd like to see your favorite workout gear styled in a more formal fashion!