Loyal Lovelies: Blue and White Stripes


I cannot get enough of blue and white stripes lately. They are one of my favorite trends of the season. Available at so many stores, they are hard to miss. 


What's to like? 

The blue and white stripe options out right now are so versatile. My favorite options can go from work to weekend easily. They are the perfect Business to Personal pieces. They will likely still feel fresh a few years from now, as blue and white stripes are a pretty consistent look (and for good reason). See: blogger looks from years past that still feel current (Mackenzie, MaryJules).

Plus, the color combination makes me feel like I'm at the beach. 

How I wear

I love wearing my blue and white tops untucked over white jeans or with work pants. I also recently paired this long-sleeved striped shirt under my favorite v-neck sheath dress

If I'm not wearing blue and white on top, I reach for my blue and white striped skirt and find that it works really well paired with most other colors and patterns in my closet. 

I've also seen some really, really good options for swimwear coverups and just general day-to-day summer use this year. 

Zara. You're killing it. 

Zara. You're killing it. 

My favorites