TLC Travels: Morning Gym Routine

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A wakeup alarm "in the 5's" is not ideal, but I am a longtime believer than an AM workout is key to a successful day.  Lately, I've been trying to shave off timesucks here and there and getting ready at the gym near my office gets me to my desk and back home again quick.  I've simplified my morning routine and have a streamlined gym bag to eliminate heavy hauling.  

For the days I head to work after the gym, I keep my attire light and easy.  Because it is summer, I've been leaning on shift dresses I can easily lightly fold on my way out the door and put into my bag.  This eliminates carrying a hanger to and from and keeps your packing to one item (versus pants, shirt, belt, accessories, etc.).  I keep a sweater at my desk and throw it on when the office gets chilly.  

Lo & Sons OMG Bag

I've had my Lo & Sons bag for years and I still love it.  For the gym, I love that it has a shoe/dirty clothes compartment and interior pockets for my unmentionables and jewelry. It also has a nice key keeper. 

I have the OM size, but recommend the OMG size.

Flip Flops  

Regardless of where you shower, any public showering facility requires flip flops.  I prefer these because they are thin and provide pretty stable footing in slippery areas.

Trish McEvoy Beauty Balm

My girl Trish.  I've loved this beauty balm for years and use it during all seasons of the year.  

When I am traveling or use it at the gym, I leave the extra moisturizer and SPF at home. Otherwise, I use it everyday in combo with my other moisturizer and SPF and my last purchase lasted about 11 months.  

Not Your Mother's Shampoo Clean Freak

Another timesuck- washing your hair.  I have a variety of dry shampoos but my go to for outside the house is this version.  It smells good, is light and airy and reasonably priced so you can get after it!

Use directly on your roots and scalp and lightly blowdry to work out any excess oils.

What about you, what is your go-to routine in the morning?  Strong coffee? A good read?  Meditation?  Share below!