Sheryle-  Below are some looks for your event.  I researched the event online and along with making you look fabulous, I tried to do a couple of things 1- play to your bohemian/India-vibe you said you enjoyed and had a lot of and 2- pick pieces you could easily wear with other items in your life.  If you have pieces similar to what I recommend below, they can easily be easily be subbed in.  I recommend ordering all the looks and trying on.  Website pictures are deceiving.  Let me know what you think, like or dislike and we can go from there- I can recommend alternatives of the items, I am here to help! (my favorite look is the last- that jacket is AMAZ!) Talk soon- LS.


Shirley Dress

This is one of my favorite dresses ever for hot Texas summers.  It looks like a plain shift, but all the clever details are there.

It is a light material, full stretch, machine washable and does not wrinkle.  It is also doesn't show moisture, so you can get away with a bit of sweating.

Good coverage through chest and shoulder, can pull a jacket over but not needed for a formal meeting.

Perfect for layering jewelry.

I wear from casual to formal business meeting and adjust shoes to match.  Sometimes that means wearing with

Order 1 size up than your regular dress size. If you want this and they are out of stock, let me know and I'll reach out to our contact there.

Ruffle Lace Overlay

I love this eyelet-lace-architectural top for you.  It will frame you well and look so cute with trousers or jeans and summer sandals.

For business meetings, pair with a black pencil skirt and gold or rose gold stud earrings.

Also comes in white.  Also here if you cannot find it at Nordstrom.

I like this in Navy and you will probably need a size 1.

{I know you said no ruffles, but this is a good play on the trend for you without being too cutesy.}


Schoolboy Jacket

This jacket is way cooler in person than on the model.  The waist is more fitted and less boxy in real life.

All the detailed piping would look great open over a pair of white skinny jeans and white tee shirt.

Use this to take the professionalism of a standard black shift up a notch.